Las Vegas Elderly Debt Relief

Many older Americans struggle each month to pay credit card debt with a modest income. Often paying unsecured debt is a tremendous burden and requires the sacrifice of basic necessities. Sometimes the elderly conserve utilities, or cut back on food, or forego prescription medication to pay credit card bills.

The subject of bankruptcy is especially difficult for elderly people who may cling to preconceptions that are out-dated or otherwise incorrect. There have been many changes in the laws that protect an elderly person’s ability to meet basic monthly living expenses. Many retirement accounts and social security income are protected from creditor garnishment. Additionally, elder Americans are often judgment proof, meaning all income and assets are protected from creditors. Unfortunately, many older Americans fail to take advantage of these protections because they believe they can honor their obligations by paying minimum payments each month. The sad truth is that it often takes decades to pay off a credit card by making minimum payments.

The stress and worry over repaying unsecured debt can cause health issues for young and old. A great deal of this stress and worry can be alleviated by choosing a feasible plan to either pay or discharge this unsecured debt. Bankruptcy is one tactic for managing unsecured debt and for reorganizing an elderly person’s finances. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can explain your options and provide solutions for living on a fixed income. Don’t let credit card debt turn “the golden years” to rust. Contact Freedom Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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