Free Las Vegas Bankruptcy Information from Federal Courts

The Bankruptcy Judges Division of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts has published a 77 page Ebook and nine short online videos to explain the bankruptcy process. The series entitled “Bankruptcy Basics” provides basic information to debtors, creditors, and to the general public on different aspects of the federal bankruptcy laws. It also provides a basic explanation of the different bankruptcy chapters and answers commonly asked questions.

The nine part video series includes the following topics:

Part 1: Introduction – Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides relief to many individuals who can no longer pay all of their debts.

Part 2: Types of Bankruptcy – There are three main types of bankruptcy cases for individuals, the most common of which are chapter 7 and chapter 13.

Part 3: Limits of Bankruptcy – Some debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Part 4: Filing for Bankruptcy – In order to file for bankruptcy, an individual must take a credit counseling course and accurately complete and file a number of documents.

Part 5: Creditors’ Meeting – Every debtor is required to appear at a creditors’ meeting conducted by a trustee who asks the debtor questions about the debtor’s financial condition and gives creditors the opportunity to do the same.

Part 6: Bankruptcy Crime – A debtor must be honest and accurate in dealing with the court or face serious consequences, including being charged with a bankruptcy crime.

Part 7: Court Hearings – In some cases, a debtor may be required to appear at hearings before a bankruptcy judge.

Part 8: The Discharge – Debtors are usually able to discharge most or all of their debts. Once a debt is discharged, a creditor may not attempt to collect it from the debtor.

Part 9: Legal Assistance – Debtors are strongly encouraged to find competent legal counsel.

Please be advised that while the court’s resources are excellent sources for general information, the courts cannot give legal advice, and your unique situation will certainly require the advice of a competent bankruptcy attorney. Contact Freedom Law Firm today for a Free Consultation regarding the specifics of your situation and how the federal bankruptcy laws can help.

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