Bankruptcy Can Keep You in the Game

Bankruptcy is a legal process to relieve the burdens of unmanageable debt. By filing a bankruptcy case an individual receives time to reorganize finances, either by repayment or discharge of debts. After a bankruptcy discharge a person is in an improved position to pay financial obligations and build a better financial future.

Businesses also benefit from the federal bankruptcy laws. In some cases a company may decide to close its doors permanently and liquidate, but in many cases a company files bankruptcy for the same reasons an individual may file: for time to restructure its finances.

Recently, the Los Angeles Dodgers filed a Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy case. Instead of “bleeding Dodger Blue” as Dodger Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda is famous for saying, the Dodgers have been hemorrhaging red ink. The Dodgers are the tenth major sports team in North America to file for bankruptcy protection. The list includes five Major League Baseball teams, and six National Hockey League teams:

Seattle Pilots (later the Milwaukee Brewers)(MLB), 1970

Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), 1975

Cleveland Barons (later Dallas Stars)(NHL),1978

Baltimore Orioles (MLB), 1993

LA Kings (NHL), 1995

Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), 1998

Ottawa Senators (NHL), 2003

Buffalo Sabres (NHL), 2003

Chicago Cubs (MLB), 2009

Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), 2009

Texas Rangers (MLB), 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), 2011

Filing bankruptcy does not prevent future success. For individuals, much like businesses, life goes on. In 1999 the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, a year after filing its second bankruptcy case. The Texas Rangers played on to reach the World Series the same year the team went through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not the end of the road; it is a chance to legally adjust your debts and give yourself a second chance. Notice that with the exception of the Cleveland Barons, who merged with the Minnesota North Stars in 1978, all of the teams still exist. The North Stars moved to Dallas and won a Stanley Cup in 1999.

If you are struggling with debt, consider a bankruptcy filing to give yourself a second chance and a fresh start. Call Freedom Law Firm at 702-903-1354 today to learn how the federal law can help keep you in the game.

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